Bethany Salo

Bethany’s Angels was created in memory of a little girl who lost her life to cancer in 1999 but had a lifelong affect on all that knew her. It has been said, “ she got more love in her 10 short years than most of us will get in a normal lifetime”. This foundation is a continuation of that love.

Bethany was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor at the age of 21 months and given 3 years to live at the most. Her courage and love of life proved them wrong and after 2 relapses, a bone marrow transplant and multiple surgeries she finally succumbed to her disease at the age of 10.

A little girl with little fear and a huge heart, her life inspired us to create a foundation which also operates in the same spirit. Serving Latin America communities is difficult and complicated but that is why it is so important as these children have little else opportunity to ever know if a medical problem is to exist without medical examinations.